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Together, we can right the world.


A Holistic Strategic Plan for Economic Security and Social Stability

Advancian is a systemic reform movement focused on the creation of interdependent technological applications for global monetary stability, production efficiency, and ecological effect tracking and analysis, resource provision, democracy elevation; education equality, affordability, and motivation; job creation and global employment stability; fiscal transparency and accountability; local, national, and international debt settlement, and policy reform for the prevention of domestic and international violence.

By merging the best aspects, ideologies, and processes of capitalism, democracy, and socialism, we can create a world that is equitable, where people are fairly rewarded for the energy they put forth, and ensure the permanent end of poverty and injustice in all its forms for all people.

The applications termed the System Core will be able to:

  • Ensure monetary and price stability
  • Ensure 100 percent full employment – globally
  • End corruption of the political and the judicial process
  • Reconcile and settle each nation’s, corporation’s, and person’s debt without depriving investors
  • Conduct a complete audit of every nation’s currency and standardize global currency values
  • Give corporations what they have always wanted, cost-free resources and labor, while ensuring open markets and innovation, and preventing abuse of the labor force, ecological systems, and the political process
  • Ensure ecological conservation through de-production systems


System Applications Overview:

1. The Dual Monetary System makes use of Earned Equity for standard needs provision and money for Capital Markets.

2. The Earned Equity System interlaces with Labor Management Systems to ensure all people have access to the Standard Needs for life; ensures 100 percent employment of all able-bodied persons, which reduces work hour requirements to ensure parents can properly raise and educate their children, which will help to revitalize communities. The Standard Needs Earned Equity System also secures an individual’s retirement and prevents the debt burden of retirement accounts upon cities, states, governments, unions, and corporations.

3. Our Global Monetary Standards make use of eight factors to stabilize the creation of money and ensures the value of money globally without need of monetary policy manipulation. Through interlinked National and Global Compensation and Transaction Administrations (GCTA), the equitable payment of compensation is ensured regardless of gender, nationality, or ethnicity/race – which ensures the end of low wage slavery, stolen wages, and the trafficking of people for money. The Willit monetary conversion systems ensure a complete audit of all transferred wealth, reparations for low wage abuses, and, will help to ensure independence and equality between women and men to end exploitation and monetary based dependency that contributes to spousal and child abuse and neglect.

4. The Dual Monetary System interlaces with the Legislative System, Production Applications, and the 60/30/10 Resource Partition Plan to provide the manpower to produce the products a society determines to be required, based on indigenous materials, resources, de-production, and recycling.

5. The Legislative System is interlaced with our Production System and the Standard Needs System so citizens can determine what products are needed, and grant resource acquisition rights to corporations for production through approval of legislative enactments, which are confirmed by the people. 

6. Corporations are interlaced within the system without having the expense of resource or labor procurement. Thereby, open and fair markets and innovation are ensured, and natural systemic controls are utilized to prevent corporate abuse.

The System Core, when funding is procured for development, will help to eradicate the ignorance, corruption, and malfeasance that has plagued the world for over 2,000 years and bring about a peaceful end to poverty and injustice for all people.


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