Board Member Application


We are seeking a dedicated Dynamic Board of Directors and Committee Members who are committed to ending poverty and inequality, to help guide NFP Initiatives' global mission, project "InDivisible".

Board Member Positions/Desired Experience (8)

  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • International Diplomacy
  • Legal and Constitutional Rights
  • Political Campaigns
  • Corporate and Class Inclusion
  • Global Trade and Commerce
  • Media and Film
  • Interfaith

Directors need not be residents of the State of Illinois, nor citizens of the United States but must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.


The vast scope of Project InDivisible requires a conglomerate of consultants from numerous industries, professions, institutions, and nations. Creation of the applications we term "The System Core", will be a project of mass undertaking by all nations - and will be a monument and legacy comparable to the pyramids of Egypt.



    1. Board of Trustees
    2. Board of Local Communities, Cities, States, and Nations
    3. Board of International Relations and Development
    4. Board of Corporate and Industry Inclusion
    5. Board of Mayors
    6. Board of Governors
    7. Board of Infrastructure and Development
    8. Board of System Core Development
      1. Board of Research and Development
      2. Board of Programmers
      3. Board of Translation
    9. Board of Unions, Trades, and Workforce Safety
    10. Board of Global Curriculum
    11. Young Professionals Board
    12. Young Professional Leadership Council
    13. Youth Leadership Council


Board terms are for five to seven years (the duration of the project).

For additional information about board membership please select the Board Member Application.


If you are dedicated to ending poverty please complete the application at the the top of this page.

  • Please familiarize yourself with the full proposal and interactive calculations at: http://projectInDivisible.org
  • Tell us what board position you are interested in filling
  • Prepare a brief summary of why you wish to be a volunteer Board Member to include with your online application.

Once your volunteer application is received, we will contact you by email to setup a phone meeting to discuss your interest, experience, and the responsibilities and obligations of Board Membership.

Please Note: NFP Initiatives is a secular organization partnering with AdvanCN. The planning of Project InDivisible began in 2008. After eight years of diligent volunteer work and 18-hour days for more than six years by AdvanCN.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for your time and interest.