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               Project Title:        Project InDivisible – Plan 360 the System Core project website:

               Managers:             NFP Initiatives
                                     NFPI is a secular non-profit organized to ensure the planning and
                                     development of Project InDivisible.

               Mission:              AdvanCN is a non-profit cooperative faith organization with a divine mission
                                     to unify mankind for the peaceful global reform of unjust laws, policies, and
                                     exploitive economic and social systems. AdvanCN is a developer of economic

                                     initiatives to enable fulfillment of global peace for the advancement and
                                     ascendance of mankind.

               Motto:                The practical application of Religion, Policy, and Law should perfect the
                                     laws, processes, and systems we make use of, so the life of
                                     every man, woman, and child is enhanced.

               Version:              V – 1302017

               Author:               W. Iamwe Ph.D.
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                                     Should you have questions about Project InDivisible please feel free to

                                     contact W. Iamwe via email

               Editorial Assistant:   Mark. J. Hirmer – Chief of the Board of Directors
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